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thedinnercrowd...A discussion & stamping community.

big smiles

we pick my boy up at the airport tonight at 7. i am
beyond excited. hes home until april 5th. im a happy
girl. except that its cold and i have to finish
cleaning. but its worth it.

its time

im finished packing. i leave soon for dayton. my
flight is at 8 tomorrow morning. im so excited!
although the butterflies in my tummy could get me
there without a plane.


never is a promise, and you cant afford to lie...


ryan... im glad it got resolved too. i need to see my
boy. 6 months without that face or that laugh...
anyway the news feed i heard said ALL travel. turns
out its air travel. the new law doesnt affect land or
sea travel until january of 2008. so im thrilled.
sunday afternoon i get to run straight into those
arms. i feel like flying.